Lannister Red Cloaks

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Noticeable for their crimson cloaks, these warriors represent the enforcement arm of House Lannister both in King’s Landing and Casterly Rock. 

Tactical Points

  • With their Fearless Avarice ability, the Red Cloaks suffer less wounds from Panic Tests. As long as you control the Wealth Zone on the Tactics Board.
  • Their offensive edge comes through the Lannister Justice ability. But once again you must control a Zone on the Tactics Board, in this case the Crown Zone.
  • Red Cloaks work best when activating later during the Round, once the Tactics Zones they require have been controlled by the Lannister NCUs.

The Red Cloaks unit box for the A Song of Ice and Fire: Tabletop Miniatures Game gives House Lannister players a new medium infantry unit for their force. The Red Cloaks are armored in half-plate, the best that money can buy for mass production. This gives them a modicum of defense, able to turn away blows from all but the strongest enemy soldiers. Being paid well also serves them on the battlefield, as they know they don’t want to lose that next paycheck.

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