For The Greater Good: Look at the T'au

For The Greater Good: Look at the T'au

With their exciting release around the corner, I want to highlight the T’au Empire this week and where they fit in the Warhammer 40K universe.


The T'au Empire is a relatively young and rapidly expanding faction within the grimdark universe of Warhammer 40,000. They are a technologically advanced species with a strong sense of unity and purpose. “For the Greater Good" is the core philosophy of the T'au Empire and serves as the guiding principle for their society, culture, and governance. It represents the idea that individuals should prioritize the collective well-being of the T'au Empire over personal desires or interests

Caste System: The T'au society is structured into castes, each with its own role and responsibilities. These castes include the Fire Caste (warriors), Earth Caste (engineers and laborers), Air Caste (pilots and navigators), Water Caste (diplomats and merchants), and Ethereal Caste (spiritual and political leaders).

Mont'au Era: Before the rise of the Ethereals and the adoption of the Greater Good philosophy, the T'au were divided into warring factions during a period known as the Mont'au. It was marked by violence and chaos until the Ethereals unified the T'au under one banner.

Xeno Integration: Unlike many other factions in Warhammer 40,000, the T'au are open to integrating other species into their empire, as long as they adhere to the Greater Good. This includes the Kroot, Vespids, and even some human populations.



Commander Farsight: Perhaps one of the most iconic figures in T'au lore, Commander Farsight broke away from the mainstream T'au Empire and formed his own enclave. He is known for his strategic brilliance and his unique battlesuit, the Dawn Blade.

Farsight, originally known as Shas'O Vior'la Shovah Kais, was born on the T'au Sept world of Vior'la. He showed exceptional skill and dedication as a Fire Warrior, rising through the ranks of the Fire Caste with remarkable speed.

Farsight led a T'au expeditionary force into the Damocles Gulf region, where they encountered the aggressive forces of the Imperium of Man. It was during this campaign that Farsight's beliefs and convictions began to diverge from those of the mainstream T'au Empire.

In the midst of battle, Farsight discovered an ancient artifact known as the Dawn Blade. This artifact had a profound effect on Farsight, imbuing him with visions of a different path for the T'au Empire.

Disillusioned with the Ethereals' leadership and the rigid constraints of T'au society, Farsight established his own enclave in the far reaches of the galaxy. Here, he sought to forge a new destiny for the T'au people, free from the influence of the Ethereals.


Ethereal Aun'va: Aun'va is one of the most influential Ethereals within the T'au Empire. He is known for his wisdom and leadership, guiding the T'au towards the Greater Good.

Aun'va holds the esteemed position of Ethereal Supreme, making him the highest-ranking Ethereal within the T'au Empire. As such, he wields considerable authority and influence over T'au society.

Despite Aun'va's revered status, there are some who question the legitimacy of Ethereal rule within the T'au Empire. Critics argue that the Ethereals exert too much control over T'au society, stifling individual freedoms and dissent.

Shas'O Kais: Kais is a renowned Fire Warrior who gained fame during the events of the "Fire Warrior" video game. His story showcases the T'au's dedication to their cause and their adaptability in the face of adversity.

Kais gained widespread recognition for his actions during the Battle of Prefectia, where he displayed remarkable courage and leadership under fire. His strategic prowess and tactical ingenuity contributed significantly to the T'au victory.

Throughout his adventures, Kais interacts with humans from the Imperium, gaining a deeper understanding of their culture, beliefs, and motivations. These encounters shape his worldview and influence his actions.



Diplomatic Successes: Despite their relatively small size compared to other galactic powers, the T'au have managed to establish diplomatic relations with various alien species, forming alliances and trade agreements that benefit their empire.

Technological Advancements: The T'au are known for their advanced technology, including powerful battlesuits, sleek spacecraft, and sophisticated weaponry. Their technological prowess allows them to compete with much older and more established factions in the galaxy.

Expansion: Through a combination of diplomacy, colonization, and military conquest, the T'au Empire continues to expand its influence across the galaxy, bringing more worlds into the fold of the Greater Good.


Ethereals are revered as both spiritual and political leaders within the T'au Empire. They provide guidance, wisdom, and direction to the T'au people, ensuring that their society remains united and focused on the Greater Good.

Ethereals are seen as embodiments of the Greater Good philosophy. Their words carry immense weight and authority, and they are respected by all castes within T'au society. Their guidance shapes the decisions and actions of the T'au people.

Ethereals possess powerful psychic abilities that allow them to influence the thoughts and emotions of those around them. They can inspire loyalty, courage, and selflessness in their followers, further reinforcing the unity of the T'au Empire.

The origins of the Ethereals are shrouded in mystery. They appeared seemingly out of nowhere during a time of great strife known as the Mont'au era. Their sudden appearance and ability to unite the warring T'au factions fueled speculation and reverence among the T'au populace.

Some theories suggest that Ethereals may represent a natural evolutionary leap for the T'au species. Their psychic abilities and innate charisma set them apart from other T'au, leading some to believe that they are a new, superior breed of T'au.

Some individuals within the T'au Empire, particularly those outside the inner circle of Ethereal influence, question the true motives and intentions of the Ethereals. There are whispers of mind control or manipulation, although such claims are often dismissed as heresy. Commander Farsight's breakaway from the T'au Empire was partly motivated by his disillusionment with the Ethereals' leadership. His rebellion raises questions about the true nature of the Ethereals and the extent of their influence over T'au society.

 While the T'au Empire presents itself as a progressive and enlightened society, there are darker elements to their actions and governance. Critics point to issues such as expansionism, manipulation, and inequality within T'au society as evidence of a more sinister side to their empire. As with many factions in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, the T'au's portrayal is complex

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