Flesh and Blood TCG

Flesh and Blood (FAB) is a trading card game (TCG) created by Legend Story Studios. The game was designed by James White and released in 2019. Here are some key aspects of Flesh and Blood TCG:

  1. Setting: Flesh and Blood is set in the high-fantasy world of Rathe. The game's lore and artwork are rich, creating an immersive and engaging experience for players. Check out more : World of Rathe

  2. Heroes: Players take on the role of heroes, each with its own unique abilities and playstyle. Heroes are central to the game, and their abilities shape the strategies and tactics that players can employ. There is a great mix of Heroes, you can see them all: Heroes

  3. Resource System: Flesh and Blood features a unique resource system. Instead of a traditional mana or energy system, players use cards from their hand as resources. This means that every card in your hand can potentially be used as a resource to play other cards, adding depth and strategy to resource management.

  4. Combat: Combat in Flesh and Blood is a significant focus of the game. The game incorporates a combat chain mechanic, where players sequence attacks and responses strategically. Combat can be highly interactive and is a key element in determining the outcome of a game.

  5. Card Types: The game includes various card types, including action cards, equipment, and attack actions. These cards interact with the heroes' abilities and can be combined to create different strategies.

  6. Collector and Blitz Formats: Flesh and Blood TCG offers different formats for players. The Collector format features larger sets with collectible aspects, while the Blitz format is more accessible, with smaller sets designed for quicker and more casual gameplay.

  7. Organized Play: The game has organized play events, including local tournaments, regional championships, and larger-scale events. This competitive scene allows players to test their skills against others and compete for prizes.

  8. Expansions: Like many TCGs, Flesh and Blood releases expansion sets with new cards and mechanics, providing ongoing variety and strategy options for players.

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