There's something I want that I don't see on your online store. What can I do?

We deal directly with Games Workshop and can have your items here in 1-3 weeks. Save on shipping and get that sweet LGS discount by ordering with us. For non-GW products, we usually order once a month from many of our distributors, so you can still get your hobby items in a timely manner. Contact us! We will do our best to track down what you're looking for, send you an invoice and once it's paid for we will ship it out to you.

I like fantasy and science-fiction, and the idea of tabletop gaming appeals to me. But I don't know where to start.

Visit us in store! We will talk to you about your interests, demo games, show you how to paint, and get you playing what you like.


I want to book a gaming table

Book a table with us any time! We have three fully decked out tables (6x4) to fit any game size.
Booking includes:
-neoprene mat
Email us at info@wanderingadventures.net to book a table.

The best part is, tables are free to book! 


What is your shipping policy?

 Please check our Shipping Policy page to see pricing for shipping. We keep flat rates, but they vary depending on your location. We do our best to cater to all of North America.

Wandering Adventures also offers Local Pickup at retail location. Choose option at checkout.

7766 Martin Grove Road Unit 5
Woodbridge, Ont
L4L 2C7


I've had a problem with an online order, what can I do?

Send us an email! Sometimes products get lost or damaged, and we will do our best to make things right.


I want join in the fun, where can I look at what's going on?

Check out our Events page, follow us on Facebook or Instagram, or my favorite choice subscribe to our Newsletter, The Hobby Chronicle.  

You can always message us or come visit in person to find out more.



Have any other questions? Send us a message at info@wanderingadventures.net

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