Vallejo Game Color Sets

The sets are designed using the BSL (Base, Shadow, Light) miniature painting system, providing an easy choice of colors (shades) for painting miniatures with the appropriate highlights and shadows for each base color.

In addition to these three colors, a fourth shade has been added to “improve” the results of mixtures made with the basic range.


Base: our base colors are very opaque, perfect for applying a stable, resistant and durable first coat; They are bright, intense and easily mixable colors, which makes them very useful and essential on the workbench.

Shadow : Shadows are dark colors, perfect for toning and glazing, they can have a slight satin finish and more depth, but still able to cover an area with the application of a few brush strokes.

Light: Highlights are the brightest colors in the range, ideal when used to brighten base colors and for glazing over white and pale tones. Additionally, the versatile nature of highlights makes them useful for drawing and blending layers of color easily.

The sets, presented in a transparent blister of 100% r-PET (recycled/recyclable), include step-by-step photography and provide access, via QR code, to an exclusive video tutorial where Ángel Giráldez will guide you in the use of colors .

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