Let's Talk Age Of Sigmar Lore

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Let's Talk Age Of Sigmar Lore

Age of Sigmar is the fantasy tabletop wargame produced by Games Workshop. It is set in a fantastical and ever-evolving fictional universe. At Wandering Adventures, we are big fans of Age of Sigmar. It has some of the best models for tabletop gaming, and a ton of personality in the armies.

However, the lore still can feel foreign and takes some time to grasp. The lore of Age of Sigmar centers around the mortal realms, which were created by the god-like beings known as the Pantheon of Order. These realms are interconnected, each representing different aspects of reality and magic.

Here's a brief overview of the lore:

  • Age of Myth: This was a time of great prosperity and godly rule, where the Pantheon of Order oversaw the realms. Each realm had its own unique characteristics and races.
  • Age of Chaos: The harmony of the mortal realms was shattered by the rise of the Chaos Gods, who sought to conquer and corrupt everything. This led to an era of intense conflict as the forces of Chaos swept across the realms.
  • The Coming of Sigmar: Sigmar, a god-like figure, descended to the realms to fight against the forces of Chaos. He forged powerful alliances with other god-like beings, and together they pushed back Chaos, ushering in a new era known as the "Age of Sigmar."
  • The Realmgate Wars: Sigmar's forces sought to reclaim the realms from the chaos-tainted rulers. This led to epic battles and the establishment of Realmgates, powerful magical gateways that connected the realms.
  • The Age of Sigmar: After the Realmgate Wars, the realms were stabilized, and various factions vied for control and dominance. These factions included the Stormcast Eternals, warrior-reforged mortals imbued with Sigmar's power, as well as other races like the Sylvaneth, Fyreslayers, and many more.
  • The Malign Portents: An event that foreshadowed the coming of something terrible. It heralded the arrival of Nagash, the god of death, and other threats.
  • The Soul Wars: Nagash sought to conquer the realms and manipulate the souls of the dead. This event saw a major conflict between the forces of death and those of order.
  • Ongoing Events: Age of Sigmar is a living, evolving lore, and it's likely that new developments have occurred in the narrative since my last update. Games Workshop regularly releases new books, campaigns, and miniatures that advance the story and introduce new factions and characters.

What are the Mortal Realms? The Mortal Realms provide a diverse and rich backdrop for the Age of Sigmar game, offering a wide range of settings, factions, and stories for players and hobbyists to explore.


  1. Azyr: The Realm of Azyr is often associated with order and is the realm of the heavens. It is the home of Sigmar and the Stormcast Eternals. Azyr serves as a bastion of hope and light against the forces of Chaos.
  2. Shyish: The Realm of Shyish is the land of death, ruled by the god Nagash. It is a realm filled with the undead and dark magic, where souls are collected and manipulated.
  3. Ghyran: Ghyran is the Realm of Life, a lush and vibrant realm filled with forests, jungles, and verdant landscapes. It is home to creatures like the Sylvaneth and is associated with vitality and growth.
  4. Hysh: Hysh is the Realm of Light, a place of illumination and enlightenment. It is inhabited by beings such as the Lumineth Realm-lords and is often seen as a realm of magic and knowledge.
  5. Chamon: Chamon, the Realm of Metal, is a realm dominated by metallic landscapes, alchemical experiments, and constructs. The Duardin, or duardin, who are skilled smiths and craftsmen, hail from this realm.
  6. Aqshy: Aqshy is the Realm of Fire, characterized by its fiery landscapes and volatile nature. It is inhabited by fire-wielding entities like the Fyreslayers.
  7. Ghur: The Realm of Beasts, Ghur is a wild and untamed realm where beasts and monsters rule. It is home to creatures such as the Beastclaw Raiders and is a realm of primal forces.
  8. Ulgu: Ulgu is the Realm of Shadows, a place of illusion and deception. It is associated with trickery and is inhabited by enigmatic beings like the Daughters of Khaine.
  9. Aetherial Realms: Beyond these primary realms are the Aetherial Realms, which include the Eightpoints, a chaotic nexus of portals and warbands controlled by Archaon, the Everchosen.


As you can see, each realm is pretty unique, but it gives gamers a great chance to really theme their army how they like. Even within each realm, you’d find various versions of the same army. It’s a great backdrop that holds the possibility for exciting ideas.

If you want to explore the Age of Sigmar range more or want to discuss an idea you might have for an army, come see us at Wandering Adventures!


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