Kill Team Narrative 2023 *completed*

Our winner has been announced! Congratulations Pedro on your hard fought victory. Over 20 weeks and nearly a hundred games, The Headhunters have decided the fate of Pyrexena II...Read below for more!




Welcome to Wandering Adventures' Kill Team Narrative Campaign. Here you will find out all about the story of Pyrexena II, the factions playing, and the ongoing story that we are creating. If you are interested in joining, come by and ask!


A Brief History

Pyrexena II

The planet of Pyrexena II lays in the widely unexplored region of Imperial space known as “The Eastern Fringe”.  This region of space exists far from the comforts, security and stability of the greater Imperium.  So far in fact that the inhabitants of Pyrexena II were completely unaware of the existence of the Imperium until contact was finally established in 866.M41.

Having been cut off from Terra during the epoch known as “old night”, the Pyrexians maintained a modest but stable empire over their surrounding systems.  For millennia, this empire faced the same difficulties that any star empire would.  Fortunately, the manufacturing might of the hive world and capital plant of Pyrexena II sustained them through all hardships and challenges. For millennia The Pyrexian Empire had no reason to question the right to rule their systems.

Upon learning of the Imperium of Man, the Pyrexian’s were forced to consider their alleged connection to their Terran ancestry.  Torn between the decision of fighting for sovereignty or accepting their part as a minor cog in the imperial machine, the Pyrexian’s were at a crossroads.

The years that followed were chaotic. Civil war, an Ork invasion, the rise of violent religious cults, plague and outright war with the Imperium were all hardships endured by the inhabitants of Pyrexena II. All of this occured within just over a century of Imperial first contact. Many Pyrexian’s took this as an ill omen and questioned whether any future entanglements with the Imperium would benefit their way of life.

Eventually, a tentative agreement was reached with the Imperium for Pyrexena II to become a tributary state to the Imperium.  For the  Imperium, this was a rather unusual arrangement.  Typically, any world who resisted the Imperium would be forced to bend the knee.

Given the resources and manufacturing capabilities of a hive world the likes of Pyrexena II, it was viewed as an obvious resource for the Imperium.  More over, rumours of vast swathes of “archeotech” had reached the ears of many interested parties who are in positions of power across the galaxy.

Ultimately, the high lords of Terra will accept nothing less than the full compliance of Pyrexena II.  As it stands, the Imperium is in no position to enforce such compliance.  Given the current threat of a third tyranic war with the approach of hive fleet Leviathan and the lack of general resources available in The Eastern Fringe, the task of implementing Imperial rule falls to others.

The High Lords of Terra have offered bounty contracts to loyal servants, mercenaries and other parties to impart their will on Pyrexena II.  But the eyes of the Imperium are not the only ones that gaze upon the boons of this hive world.  The vulnerability of Pyrexena II means that many factions view the planet as a treasure trove to be exploited.

The events of the next few years and the actions of a few key players will decide the ultimate fate of Pyrexena II.




LEGIO X EQUESTRIS (LXE) (Veteran Guardsmen)

LXE was founded by one of the greatest military minds of the ages, he is so revered by LXE that they don’t use his name, they only call him “the Great General”.  They were all born on Pyrexena II 1000 years before first contact with the Imperium.  A large portal opened over the planet and “the Great General” led them on a campaign to explore it.  They were not seen again until recently (997.M41) when a huge space hulk called Murder Death Kill appeared above the planet.  LXE was pursuing a derelict vessel as there were rumors of a great warrior on board, when it entered a warp portal, LXE followed the vessel through the portal, when they emerged, they were surprised and relieved to see their home.  The vessel crash landed on Pyrexena II.  While they were gone, they learned of the Imperium and the Emperor as well as having to survive against the evil corruption of the warp.  They survived but sadly their leader did not, as well as most of the legion, they swore allegiance to the emperor as a means to an end so they could get revenge against the demons that took their leader.  Seeing what their planet had become, they set out to reclaim its past glory as well as to purge the galaxy of the corruption that has caused them so much pain.

Rogue Traders of House Casval  (Elucidian Starstriders)

House Casval – a rogue trader faction cemented in the annals of the 41st millennium for their guile and guts. Once an esteemed house which explored the far reaches of the universe, their standing as *true * servants of the Imperium has come into question. 

Upon discovering a piece of the ancient Webway construct during an exploration from within the Warp, House Casval was framed as heretics by ruthless opportunists from another rogue trader faction who wished to seize the salvage for themselves.  Marked for death and hunted from planet to planet, the star striders of House Casval seek absolution and will stop at nothing to attain it.  

Evading the Inquisition by following an old and incomplete star map of the Eastern Fringe, the House has sent an envoy to the hive world of Pyrexena II in the hopes that they can gather critical resources and plan what could potentially be their final move.


The Wan’der Kinband (Farstalker Kinband)

The Wan’der kinband was hired to aid in the clearing of the Spire Noctem Ventus, which was infested by a deadly disease of the mind called The Eightfold Understanding. Fresh meat and spoils were offered and the Kroot, known for their guerilla warfare tactics and expert survival skills were glad to partake. You see, when a Kroot eats the flesh of the dead, they absorb some ability, some genetic imprint of the meat consumed and quickly evolve. Consuming the flesh of crazed minds could prove costly, but also open the psyche to unimaginable levels.

Every kinband of the Kroot has a familial bond. To lose one member is devastating, let alone a whole kinband. So when the the Kill-Broker, Kra’to, returned to Pech with only his loyal hound in tow, it raised many questions that he was unwilling to answer. What secret did he hold? What happened at Spire Noctem Ventus? Why was this revered Kill-Broker, known for his strategic prowess and martial genius, returning with no others?

Kra’to quickly used his resources to recruit fresh members for his kinband, equip a warsphere and return to Pyrexena. However, the Ork invasion of The Rogue Moon spoiled his return and his ship and crew were forced to land on Pyrexena. Now Kra’to and his kindband are forced to make due with a destroyed warshpere and meager supplies.

 Farstalker Kinband

The Pilgrims of the Martyred Lady (Novitiates)

The Order of Our Martyred Lady are members of the Adepta Sororitas and represent The Imperial Ecclesiarchy  on Pyrexena II.  Following the actions of Inquisitor Borreal in  901.M41, the High Lords of Terra decreed that a steadfast Imperial presence was required on Pyrexena II to maintain all elements of the Imperial light.  As such, The Order or Our Martyred Lady established a monastery on the world to spread and maintain faith in the God Emperor of mankind.

Currently The Order of Our Martyred Lady operate out of their fortress cathedral, Saint Katherine’s Stone, located in isolation deep in the ash wastes.  There are many civilians who make the perilous pilgrimage across the wastes annually to seek the blessings, hospitality and wonders of the cathedral.  But unbeknownst  to the greater public the monastery holds a secret within its depths;  a vast military operation tasked with eradicating any force that threatens the general stability of imperial rule or faith in the God Emperor.

The Pilgrims of the Martyred Lady are a group of novitiate operatives who wish to obtain full battle sister honours.  To do so they will need to prove themselves on the battlefield to be fearless, merciless and unshakable in their faith.  Guided by the divine tutelage of Sister Superior Domina Peritum, it will also be Peritum’s final word that decides whether or not a novitiate is worthy of full battle honours.

Garrison’s Punishers (Imperial Fist Heavy Spacemarines)

A specialized squad led by Captain Thor Garrison, this small team has led many successful skirmish missions throughout the galaxy gaining them both fame on holy Terra and infamy on many outlier planets. As such, the obvious choice for this team was to accept the contracts and bring glory and secure resources for the overlords of Terra.

The name Punishers was granted to this squad after their display of brutal efficiency in combat. Well known are the defensive siege tactics of the Imperial Fist, though this team forgoes the defensive ideology of the typical Fist marine in lieu of a more shock and awe tactic befit of their brother chapters. Co-opting such tactics, Garrison and his men have prevailed in many skirmishes with gangers and other such unsavory members of hive world society.

As this mission proves vital for Imperial control, there is but one choice for Garrison: Victory or Death.


The Headhunters (Phobos Marines)

The Headhunters are an elite team within the Alpha Legion, specializing in covert operations, assassination, and intelligence gathering. They are highly skilled infiltrators and assassins who strike from the shadows, using their expertise to eliminate key targets and gather vital information for the Legion's plans.

In the context of the situation on Pyrexena II, if the Alpha Legion were to become involved, their actions would likely be shrouded in secrecy and deception. They may exploit the chaos and vulnerability of the planet to further their own goals, manipulating various factions and playing them against each other to sow discord and confusion.

The Alpha Legion's involvement could take various forms, such as assassinating key figures, infiltrating and subverting loyalist forces, or even inciting rebellion and chaos to create opportunities for their own advancement. Their ultimate objective would likely be to exploit the resources and archeotech of Pyrexena II for their own gain, furthering their goals within the wider Chaos hierarchy.

However, it's important to note that the actions and motivations of the Alpha Legion can be unpredictable and multifaceted. Their plans often operate on multiple levels, with hidden objectives and long-term strategies. They may use Pyrexena II as a stepping stone to achieve larger goals or as part of a larger scheme within the Eastern Fringe or the Imperium at large.

In the complex web of factions vying for control over Pyrexena II, the involvement of the Alpha Legion would undoubtedly introduce an element of chaos and uncertainty, making it even more challenging for the Imperium and other interested parties to secure their desired outcome.



The Eight-Blessed Slayers

The Eight-Blessed Slayers can trace their roots back to the atrocity of the Spire Secundom in 866.M41. Their forefathers having stood by helplessly as the Imperium of the Man orbitally bombarded this hive city from the safety of their Imperil Vessels in low Orbit. Completely untouchable for 8 solar hours to bring Pyrexena II to heel. Betrayed by their government’s acceptance of becoming a tributary state to this tyrannical Imperium of man. Seeing this treaty for what it was the Eight-Blessed decided to bide their time in the newly founded Planitary Defense Force. In this decision they also decided to leave their old unit’s iconography and name behind and take on the new moniker of “Pyrexena IIs 8th Light Infantry”, and slowly grow their numbers. Allowing history, the time to forget the name of the once famed infantry group The Eight-Blessed and only referring to themselves as such in secret meetings as they planned their next moves.

With the sector once again in turmoil and Blood Flowing freely once more. Small “Blood red Portals” have been reported opening within atmosphere and a small squadron of defiled Valkyrie Assault Craft coming pouring out of them. Regardless of the number of times these craft are destroyed, or crews killed, the same craft always appear with the same deadly cargo. The Eight-Blessed Slayers.


New Pyrexena (Imperial Guard)

When former planetary governor Lord Brenex Oliander passed away, his granddaughter and protégée Amelia took over his position as head of House Oliander.

Countess Amelia is the CEO of the InSpire corporation, Pyrexena's leading supplier of technology and pharmaceutical products. In public, she is a businesswoman and politician, leveraging the corporation's wealth and influence to lobby for Pyrexena's independence from Terra. Beneath the surface, she uses InSpire to fund a revolutionary group known as New Pyrexena, providing military equipment, personnel and training facilities.

Amelia’s position is a tricky one to navigate, for she wants to restore the grandeur of Pyrexena, and while her popularity, wealth and influence keeps her fairly safe, she cannot openly go against General Demiter Glem. New Pyrexena will provide her what she needs to fight against him and the Imperium.

New Pyrexena


Tremere Troupe

In 866. M41 Agents of the Black Library have discovered the "Tell Tale Heart", a sacred manuscript of riddles and skits of the Laughing God Cegorach stolen by the Necron Overlord Shu'kul. The Overlords last sighting was on The Eastern Frindge in a sector known as the Pyrexena, now populated by Terrans. What ever lost must be retrieved, whatever hidden must be rediscovered, and whatever the Odyssey of the Laughing God entails must be played bobbing with tragedy and triumph. The Library demands to complete its next great melodrama so it sents out a powerful Troupe of Halequins only know as the Tremeres. They are anointed directly from the Trickster's Vault and certainly are the most capable warriors to infiltrate the deepest regions of space.


Pyrexena II - Biomes and Biome Special Rules


Prior to each game roll a D6.  The refer to the list below to determine which biome you will be playing in.

1 - Space Hulk Crash Site 

2 - Ork Scrapyard - Ash Wastes

3 - Prime Spire Caelum - Industrial Zone

4 - Sewers

5 - Spire Noctem Ventus - Nuclear Ruins

6 - Re-roll


Biome 1 - Space Hulk Crash Site

In 997.M41, a derelict spaceship, presumably part of a space hulk, crash landed in the ash wastes.  It is unknown what secrets and dangers lay within the vessel. The fact that the ship emerged from the warp had led to many rumors...


Special Rule : Close Quarters Fighting as described in the Gallowdark rule book

Special Rule : Perils of the Warp

At the beginning of each turning point each players rolls a D6 and conceals the result from their opponent. (using a cup or card for example)

As players have turns activating their operatives, they have a chance of suffering "The Perils of the Warp". 

If the current operative activated by your opponent matches the number you rolled at beginning of the turning point, reveal the dice.  Your opponent's operative must take a Perils of the Warp Test.


EXAMPLE : You rolled a 3 on your D6.  After your opponent finishes their 3rd activation reveal your D6.  Your opponent rolls a D6 and plays out the result on the table below. They then complete their activation. This mark remains for the remainder of the game.


Perils of the Warp Table :

6 - My mind is steadfast : 

No effect, the test is passed..

5 - Somebody's watching me : 

Operative's move and dash reduced by half (round up).

4 - I can't concentrate : 

Operative's BS and WS reduced by one until the next turning point.

3 - Possessed : 

Operative makes a shoot action at nearest operative (friend or foe).

If there is an operative within 6 inches the possessed operative charges and makes a fight action instead.  If the operative charges a friendly unit your opponent rolls attack dice for the possessed operative and decides how they will be used.  The friendly operative can choose to parry even if the attacker has no attack dice left to avoid injuring their possessed ally.

2 - Overwhelmed :

Operative takes one "whispers of the warp" mark on their data card. Their turn ends.

1 - Overtaken :

The unit is incapacitated and takes one "whispers of the warp" mark on their data card.


For each "whispers of the warp" mark on an operatives datacard, the operative suffers -1 on their casualty test. For every two matches played outside of a biome with the "perils of the warp" special rule, the operative removes one "whispers of the warp" mark.


Biome 2 - Ork Scrapyard - Ash Wastes


The scrapyards sprawl for kilometers and once served as a base of operations for the Ork forces that invaded Pyrexena II decades ago.  It is uncertain whether or not these scrapyards are all that is left of the Ork forces.

Special Rule - Waste Storms

At the beginning of each turning point, a neutral party or one agreed on by both players will roll a D6 to determine the state of the storms in the ash wastes.

3-6 : All Clear

2 : High winds and low visibility, all operative suffer -1 BS

1 : High intensity storms, all operatives suffer -2 movements (minimum movement 4) and -1 to dash



Biome 3 - Prime Spire Caelum - Industrial Zone


Since the Imperium arrived in the Pyrexian system one thing was unclear.  How had this empire survived in solitude for so many millenia?  Perhaps the vast industrial complexes that reside within the Prime Spire hold answers.

No special rules, the complexity of the terrain features are enough to deal with.


Biome 4 - Sewers


For centuries the sewers below this hive city have operated as a hideout for many notorious hive gangs.  Long forgotten troves can be found here but so can many dangers!

Special Rule - Close quarters fighting as described in the Gallowdark rule book

Special Rule - Doors can be opened and closed for 1 AP

Special Rule - Treasure Troves and Hidden Dangers

An impartial party sets up all crates onto the board during terrain set up, half with rigged traps and half with loot.  The players will not know what the crates contain.  If an operative is within 1" of a crate they can open it for 1AP.

If the crate contains a rigged trap roll on the table below

6 - it's a dud, you're safe

2-5 - all units within 2" of the crate suffer D3 damage

1 - all units within 2" of the crate suffer D6 damage


If the crate contains loot roll on the table below

6 - add 1 piece of rare equipment of your choice after the match! (limit one per game, change the result to 5 if a 6 has already been rolled by either player)

4-5 - add 2 equipment points to your stash to spend after the match

1-3 - the operative that opens the chest gains 1 XP




Biome 5 - Spire Noctem Ventus - Nuclear Ruins

The gangs of Pyrexena II have made this nuclear wasteland their home... watch out for gangers!

Special Rule - This is our turf!!!

At the beginning of the first turning point players alternate placing a total of four gangers within 6" of the center of the kill zone.

At the beginning of each turning point activate all gangers before players start their turns. Players alternate activating gangers starting with the player who has priority.

Each ganger moves D6+2 in the direction of a scatter dice. On a bullseye the player can move the ganger in whatever direction they wish.

After the ganger moves they will charge and fight any operative within 6" (not including other gangers).  The opposing player will roll combat dice for the ganger.  If there is no operative within 6" the ganger will shoot the closest operative (not including other gangers).  If there are no available targets the turn ends.  If 2 or more targets are viable, the player who activated the ganger selects which target to shoot or charge.

If an operative incapacitates a ganger that operative gaines 1 XP


Wounds - 5
BS - 4+
Ranged Attacks - 3
WS - 4+
Melee Attacks - 3
Defense - 3
Save - 5+


– an Imperial Rogue trader receives credible information in a trade made with a group of nomadic squats about an uncontacted human world in the eastern fringes of Imperial space

– an Imperial scouting floatella arrives in the Pyrexena system to confirm the reports

– an Imperial fleet arrives in orbit of Pyrexena II consisting of a Terran negotiation Emissary, Astra Militarum forces and the First Company of the Fire Lords Space Marine chapter
– the fleet is tasked with bringing Pyrexena II into Imperial compliance by convincing Lord Brenex Oliander, the planetary governor of the Emperor’s Devine light

– Terran Emissary Melanie Cruxtabellum convinces the chapter master of  the Fire Lords that a peaceful negotiation is prudent
– her envoy lands planet side with no military presence

– Emissary Melanie Cruxtabellum is imprisoned and her envoy killed under the orders of Lord Brenex Oliander ending any peaceful negotiations between both parties

– 3 weeks of planetside skirmishing ensue between Imperial forces and the local Pyrexian militia

– a final effort is made by First Captain Jayno to bring Prexena II in to the Imperial fold with no success

– for 8 hours hive Spire Secondum is subject to orbital bombardment from the imperial fleet

– peace talks are established as the overwhelming might of the Imperium can not be denied

– an unstable peace is reached between Pyrexena II’s government and the Imperium of Man as Pyrexena II is established as a tributary state to the Imperium
– due to the distance from the greater Imperium and given the current lack of imperial resources, forced compliance is impossible in the short term          
– as such a tributary state is happy middle ground between Imperial compliance and and Pyrexian sovereignty
– Emissary Melanie Cruxtabellum is set free

– for several decades to follow life begins to become unruly and unstable on Pyrexena II

– in Spire Noctem Ventus a “religious organization” known as The Eight Fold Understanding begins to spread amongst the populous

– the spread of The Eightfold Understanding becomes viral and citizens demand representation in the local government

– the demands of the Eightfold Understanding become more and more violent           

– it is clear that the local militia are not capable of stopping the spread of The Eightfold Understanding to the ranks of the government and the military itself

– the arrival of Imperial Inquisitor Borreal and his forces turn the tide and begin to stem the spread of The Eightfold Understanding in Spire Noctem Ventus

–  officially speaking, The Eightfold Understanding is irradiated by the planetary militia and the forces of Inquisitor Borreal               
-The High Lords of Terra decree that a permanent imperial presence must be established planetside in all walks of Perexian life
-As such, The Order of Our Martyred Lady of the Adepta Sororitas establish a foothold in the ashwastes in their fortress monastery of Saint Katherine’s Stone

– the begining of a decade-long period of extreme social turmoil begins         
– constant gang wars 
– sabotage of manufacturing facilities, food processing plants and technological sites
– the Eightfold Understanding resurfaces and spreads at an alarming
rate across the planet         
– rates of crime, plague and famine increase to unseen levels

– a plantery revolutionary force lead by General Demiter Glem and fully supported by the Imperium of man officially states their intent to bring the planet into full Imperial compliance and overthrow Lord Brenex Oliander.

– the revolution spreads quickly through the populace with citizens taking sides

942. M41- A deal is struck with Kra’to and his Kroot kinband. They are to aid in the eradication of The Eightfold Understanding.

– General Demiter Glem and his elite force of shock troops with support of Terminator Marines from the first company of the Fire Lords Space Marine chapter storm the upper echelons of Prime Spire Caelum and slay Lord Brenex Oliander

– General Demiter Glem is instated as System High Regent and Planetary Governor with approval of the High Lords of Terra         

948. M41- Kra’to the Kill Broker leaves the Pyrexena system via his warsphere, his kinband decimated.

– a space hulk dubbed ‘The Rogue Moon’ enters the Pyrexena system

– within days it is determined that the inhabitants of The Rogue Moon are   partaking in a Ork WAAAAGH

– Ork forces lead by Warboss Maw’chompa make planetfall on Prexena II      
– Ork forces occupy the ash wastes in between Spire Noctem Ventus and Prime Spire Caelum                     
– as a result medical supply lines from Spire Noctem to Caelum are interrupted and the incidents of plague in hive spire Caelum reach reach an all time high

– Spire Noctem Ventus is overrun by Ork forces
– Kra’to returns to the Pyrexena system, with a fresh crew and equipment. Their return is spoiled by the forces of the Rogue Moon Waaagh! and they are forced to land in an unhospitable part of Pyrexena.
– System High Regent Demiter Glem sanctions a nuclear strike on Spire Noctem to eliminate the bulk of the Ork forces           

– Ork invasion subdued by local militia and Fire Lord Space Marines
– despite the defeat of the main Ork horde, local militia forces and mercenaries spend the next decades scouring the ash wastes for any remaining or re-spawned Orks in an attempt to stop the rise of any would be
war bosses

– a stable warp portal appears just outside the Pyrexena solar system

– a derelict vessel emerges from the Warp and crashes into the ash wastes of Pyrexena II          
– the crash causes planet-wide weather phenomena including but not limited to recurring hive quakes and sand storms in the ash wastes       
– since the arrival of the ship, rumours of the corpses of plague stricken citizens begin to rise       
– another vessel emerges from the same portal, it is the space hulk, Murder Death Kill with LEGIO X EQUESTRIS  aboard

– the 3rd Tyranic War breaks out in the greater Imperium      
– due to the threat caused by hive fleet Leviathan, Imperial resources are at an all time low         
– an edict is mandated by the high lords of Terra to issue open contracts to mercenaries, bounty hunters, loyal forces or other independent parties to implement the will of the Imperium in the Pyrexena system
– Rogue Traders of House Casval arrive on Pyrexena II in order to evade
Imperial scrutiny, re-group and re-establish their standing within The Imperium


998. M41
Kra'to, leader of the Wan'der Kinband, has been felled in combat. Seeking retribution against the Imperium, a stray Imperial Fist bolter was the cause of his defeat.
-The New Pyrexians, led by Amelia Oliander, have begun their purge of heretical forces, with Amelia looking to solidify her claim to of Lordship.
- Blood Red Portals have begun forming planet-wide. What they are or who they belong to is yet unknown, but death is usually left in their wake.
-The Legio X Equestris, after finally settling on New Pyrexena, have begun random attacks on Imperium and heretical forces alike.

998. M41

-Despite some harsh resistance, the Starstriders of House Casval have used the ruthless means at their disposal to investigate and successfully pinpoint the location of critical resources on the planet. Through glory and profit, they may still survive.
- New Pyrexena spec op squad (“the Banshees”), led by Tempestor Ashley Blackwell, finally manage to secure an extraction point in Spire Noctem Ventus, bringing home with them an STC fragment with advanced weapon schematics. This discovery might give Countess Amelia Oliander the edge she needs in her fight for the independence of Pyrexena.

-House Casval experienced a phyrric victory - despite suffering heavy losses at the hands of the Voidscarred, they managed to complete their spec ops mission in the industrial zone. This was the retrieval of an essential piece of void technology - one that could turn the Starstriders’ fortunes around.

-The headhunter had infiltrated Pyrexena II’s government and disrup the communication between Imperium and Pyrexena ll

-With the battle for Pyrexena II closing in on all sides the cultists became more desperate in the hopes of bringing their gods to the material realm. The eight blessed slayers began doing rituals for chaos undivided in hopes of turning the tide.




Pyrexena II is dust.

The Headhunters, a squad of Phobos Marines clad in the colors of the Alpha Legion, have set charges strategically around the planet and have enacted an Exterminatus Protocol. The planet so fiercely fought over has been exterminated.

Why The Headhunters destroyed the planet is a reason only they are privy to. They fought battles against Xenos, Chaos, and Imperium alike. Those unable to scramble to their ships were destroyed.

A laughing face could be found in most mirror-like surfaces as the Tremere Troupe boarded their ship to leave the planet. The Laughing God’s quest for the “Tell Tale Heart,” seems to have been a success. The troupe left of their own volition, having come in with serious intent and leaving with a gold-clad case, likely full with their sought-after manuscript and other treasures of Pyrexena II.

Despite the efforts of Amelia Oliander to keep the planet together, the Extermanitus Protocol could not be stopped. General Glem, her fierce opponent, did escape the destruction. Amelia however, did manage to fill 4 hulking ships with as many of her constituents as possible. She is considered a hero by many, but there were also many lives lost in the explosion that haunt Chancellor Oliander.

The Legio X Equestris, a company of soldiers caught out of time, had deemed their return a failure. They vowed to protect Pyrexena II, and it was destroyed. Most of the soldiers had made it out alive, but they stayed planet side too long while trying to save as many lives as possible. Their ship, while leaving orbit, lost most of its propulsion systems. Their vessel floats in the vast empty of space.

Sister Superior Domina Peritum, and her company of Novitiates were spared a lighter sentence, but they may not feel the same. They lost many of their number, and were forced to board Chancellor Oliander’s ship to escape. Some managed to preserve a small relic from Saint Katherine’s Stone, but their order has been shattered. They tend to the wounded aboard the 4 hulking ships, but many will not see the day of becoming a full Battle Sister.

House Casval, having travelled to Pyrexena II to retrieve critical items, had not anticipated the chaos and war they would encounter. Considered rogues, they went about their business without drawing as much attention as possible. Having retrieved a warp engine, they managed to escape the destruction of Pyrexena, although the ship’s captain must deal with having lost half their number.

Some may see the above entries as little cause for joy, there are those that have suffered far greater.
The Wan’der Kinband, bereft of a leader or ship, were completely eradicated in the explosion. The cause of Kra’to will be lost to the Warp, as will the kin he led to Pyrxena II. Similarly, the Eight-Blessed Slayers, a constant source of evil on Pyrexena II has seemingly been destroyed. The centuries old order, that has constantly tried to grasp the habitants of Pyrexena II into its blood-tinged clutches is now seemingly gone.


Was it by design that many humans left with their lives and the cult of blood was destroyed? Did the Laughing God enjoy the chaos reaped on Pyrexena II? Only The Headhunters, the true victors of Pyrexena II will know.

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