Chaos Space Marines

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Chaos Space Marines

Hi everyone! So I did promise that I would look at my Chaos Space Marines army for the Escalation League here at Wandering Adventures. The league is running for nine months and we are just about midway through our 1000 point section. I have finally finished my 1000 points and can get some games in.

So to start, I love the cover art for the Chaos Space Marines 9th edition codex.


I love the swirl of red and purple all over the black armour. Initially I wanted to paint a deep purple armour, with really extreme reds in the creases, but I quickly realized this just made a muddy mess and wasn't looking good. So I made a few rules to accomplish the above colour.

First, all medals would be washed with purple, to give off those purple tones.
Then, anywhere I can get a red glow, I would make it red/ orange to really pop.
The armor would be a deep green/ grey, with minimal highlighting. I'm not big on edge highlights to begin, and I think with the other colours I'm trying to fit in, it wouldn't be necessary.
Lastly, I would do some OSL lighting of red when the model was done, mostly aiming at the feet.

So those were my painting rules for my army.


I named them "The Sons of the Void" to reflect Abaddon's desire to bring Chaos to everyone. The Black Legion will take in any afflicted by Chaos, and they all are ultimately trying to bring about the nothingness of Chaos, hence the "Void" part. I went with Black Legion because of the cover art above, and I like Horus' son, Abaddon.


My first 500 points:


Per Arks of Omen compulsory type, I went with Heavy. At 500 points its two Maulerfiends, 1 unit of Havocs and Warpsmith. It's a nice blend of speed, shooting and wounds. I went 3-0 so far, so it's been working. Opponents haven't really had an answer for two maulerfiends. The Warpsmith and Havocs have been but I think there may have been more optimal choices. I went with Warpsmith because of his heal and enrage, but there isn't much shooting for him to enrage, and he hasn't been able to keep up to heal. His fighting has been pretty good, but at 5 wounds he goes fast. The havocs have some great guns but have been mostly acting as baby sitters for objectives.


My next 500 includes cultists, legionnaires, a Helbrute, and a Dark Apostle. The cultists and legionnaires are meant to act as objective/ raise banners units, and the Helbrute and Dark Apostle are there to help out the big boys take stuff down.

Here are some pics of what I have completed, with a bonus second Helbrute and Heldrake for later point levels.

chaos Space marineschaos Space marineschaos Space marines

chaos Space marineschaos Space marineschaos Space marines


The Necronomicon!

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