Kill Team Narrative Campaign!

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Kill Team Narrative Campaign!

Hi everyone! Hope you are keeping cool this summer!

I wanted to talk a bit about the Kill Team campaign we just started here at Wandering Adventures that I'm super excited about.

Pyrexena II is the location for our Kill Team campaign. It's a fringe Imperial planet, with some amazing lore written and developed by one of our players. The best part is, as we continue to play and compete in the campaign our games will contribute to the lore!

Playing in a narrative campaign can be quite rewarding; you get to play games, spend points to build your team and base, but also join a community of like-minded gamers.

In Kill Team, you get to:

-build our your team, allowing you to have operatives that you need for different situations
-give your units experience, honours and equipment
-develop a base that might help you in-game or in between games
-create a story for you team, and contribute to an overarching story


We will have a map in store that shows off locations and important battles.

Here's a look at my Kill Team:

The Wan'der warband! Led by the Kill-Broker Kra'to, this warband has returned to Pyrexena II to exact some revenge. I plan on adding some warriors to the team in case some are incapacitated and suffer some serious casualties.

Take a look at what we have going so far here: Kill Team Narrative.

If you want to join in, all you need to do is get yourself a Kill Team. Come by in-person, call or send an email and we can get you set up!