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Welcome to the Wandering Adventures Community Affiliates Page, where passion meets partnership in the vast realms of tabletop warfare! Here, we celebrate the diverse tapestry of content creators, hobbyists, and enthusiasts who breathe life into the tabeltop universe. Our affiliates are the driving force behind the shared excitement and creativity that defines our community.

Whether you're a seasoned veteran or a fresh recruit to the hobby, our affiliates span the spectrum, offering engaging content, insightful reviews, thrilling battle reports, and awe-inspiring painting tutorials. Each affiliate brings a unique perspective and skill set, contributing to the rich mosaic that makes wargaming more than just a game—it's a way of life.




Custom made gaming apparel: tshirts, sweaters, team jerseys, dice trays, dice bags, stickers.








yeschefstreams is a variety Twitch stream primarily focused on 3D printing, painting, and occasionally cooking. YCS is a relax and hang out stream with friends exploring different hobbies. The channel was created as a not-for-profit stream, with proceeds from any non-commissioned models painted and sold on stream donated to charities. Come hang out, learn about miniature and figurine painting, and some food demos from time to time!




We’re two brothers (John & Anthony) that have played 40k since 3rd edition and are now providing Live Stream coverage of Warhammer 40k Tournaments across Canada & U.S. Our goal is to showcase the awesome people that play this tabletop game and the venues they play in.
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