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In the grim darkness of the far future, where the galaxy teeters on the brink of perpetual war, a shadowy conflict unfolds on the fringes of known space. In the isolated corners of forgotten worlds, where the light of the Imperium struggles to pierce the darkness, a Kill Team narrative campaign emerges—an intricate tale of covert operations, clandestine warfare, and desperate struggles for survival.

The distant frontier planet of Zythos Prime, a planet at the edge of the Imperium's influence, has become the focal point of this shadow war. Buried secrets and ancient relics of immeasurable power have drawn the attention of various factions, each seeking to harness the planet's untold potential for their own nefarious purposes.

As the narrative unfolds, Kill Teams from different factions converge on Zythos Prime, guided by the whispers of fate and the promise of unimaginable rewards. The clandestine nature of the conflict requires the operatives to navigate treacherous terrain, unravel the mysteries shrouding the planet, and engage in deadly skirmishes with rival Kill Teams.

Each Kill Team, forged in the crucible of war and bound by their faction's agenda, will play a pivotal role in shaping the destiny of Zythos Prime. As alliances form and betrayals unfold, the true purpose of the shadowy conflict gradually becomes clear—an apocalyptic revelation that could change the course of the galaxy itself.

Prepare for a Kill Team campaign like no other, where every battle tells a story, every decision has consequences, and the fate of Zythos Prime hangs in the balance. Welcome to the Shadows of the Fringe.



Zythos Prime Map


Kill Teams:

Reclamation Squad Raso:

The Angels Expatriat were named after being lost in a far off portion of the galaxy following the Horus Heresy. Without any way home they began securing the sector and enforcing the Emeperors Justice upon the foes of the Imperium. Sometime in the 42nd Millenium they managed to return to the Imperium due to the cessation of warp-storms, perhaps an effect of the psychic torrent caused by the fall of Cadia? Upon their return they were reuinited with the Blood Angels on Baal, and were granted the status of Chapter, and given sufficient reinforcement by Commander Dante. Reclamation Squad Raso was sent by Chapter Master Ioannes in response to Imperial Distress signals, and wish to bring an end to the enemies of the Imperium.


Silvermane Guard

In the tumultuous saga unfolding on Zythos Prime, the Arbites members, known as the Silvermane Guard, clad in their striking silver and midnight-blue uniforms, emerge as the unwavering enforcers of law and order. Tasked with maintaining peace amidst the chaos, Silvermane patrols navigate the bustling metropolises and shadowy alleyways, their dignified presence and resolute actions a deterrent to would-be troublemakers. Led by the stoic Arbiter Supreme, they confront a myriad of challenges – from organized crime syndicates exploiting the planet's prosperity to dissident factions pushing against the established order. As the conflict on Zythos Prime intensifies, the Silvermane Guard find themselves at the frontline, dispensing justice with a silvery sheen of regal resolve, ensuring that law prevails even in the heart of a galaxy in turmoil.

Consecrated Sons


Ork Student Painter's Union

Not all Orks emerge from the fungal pod craving a solid krumpin'. Some have a quieter, simpler dream of attaining a useless Liberal Arts degree to be followed by a cushy government job. These were the aspirations of Kommanda Fargus and his rag-tag band of miscreants. Unfortunately, for many, these dreams are made out of reach not only by being born an ork but by the ever-rising costs of student tuition. Enter Fargus and his plan to pay for school through forming a loosely-aligned coalition of like-minded orks willing to spend their summers painting the homes of anyone willing to pay for it. Unfortunately for Fargus and his motley crew, finding customers when you're an ork can be easier said than done. Maybe it's because they didn't know how to paint. Maybe it's because they clubbed their first potential customer to death, but no one seemed willing to take a chance on their new venture. Their failure to earn the necessary gubbins to continue their schooling led to the need for a new plan. Fargus heard of long-whispered rumors of Zythos Prime: a world of scrap both new and old that could be easily transformed into at least a few textbooks if they believed hard enough (Mork willing). And if not, the world contained many ruins that perhaps someone would be willing to see repainted. However, upon arriving on the desolate world, they soon realized their mistake. If they ever wished to complete their degrees in drama, sociology and Edwardian history, they were going to have to fight their way out of this god-forsaken hellhole.



The Big Bossmens

In the vast expanse of the galaxy, a tribe of Orks embarked on a peculiar quest: the search for the ultimate champion belt. Legends spoke of a legendary artifact, said to grant unimaginable strength to its wearer. Led by the grizzled Warboss, Grunk Skullcrusher, the Orks set forth on their interstellar journey, leaving chaos in their wake.

As they traversed through star systems and battled rival factions, Grunk's determination grew. The prospect of a champion belt that could make him the mightiest Warboss in the galaxy fueled their relentless pursuit. Along the way, they encountered strange alien civilizations, cunning mercenaries, and perilous celestial phenomena.

Amidst the chaos, Grunk's band faced challenges that tested their mettle. From asteroid fields to ancient temples guarded by powerful beings, the Orks pressed on. Each victory brought them closer to the coveted champion belt, yet the challenges became increasingly formidable.


Children Of The Void


Our lives were a lie. Like all the Children of the Void before me, I’ve waited for the day of Ascension all my life. When it came, my psychic link to the Patriarch was severed, staying just long enough for me to hear his mocking laugh. We all snapped out of delusion as our insect-like gods landed on Vakovin II and started tearing through everything - both friends and foes. A handful of us made it out though. My bloodpack is alive: battered, bloodied, but not defeated. I know where the next Patriarch headed to - Father told it to me as a last taunt: a planet known as Zythos Prime. I don't know where he is hiding, but the few of us left are coming for him. Killing him won't bring my brethren back, nor will it save our home planet, but we will prevent this from happening again. Or I will die trying. - Memoirs of a Magus, by Leni Valek Children of the Void - Bio



Talons Of The Emperor
After failing to protect the emperor's great plan during the Horus Heresy the Ten Thousand spent the past ten millennia in constant vigil to protect the Emperor of Mankind who is now entombed on his Golden Throne. In their constant search for atonement for their past failures they discovered the astropathic messages between Lord Commander Viktor Tarsis and Listening POST Zeta 4. It has referenced the Emperor's Project and the Custodes are sending the Talons to secure this lead for it may hold the path to their redemption.


In the cosmic tapestry of the Imperium's vast expanse, the Pecatori found themselves traversing the astral currents on a patrolling mission to pacify the tension brewing among the Space Wolves. As whispers of insidious Chaos elements danced in the void, the Pecatori pressed on, their warship cutting through the interstellar darkness like a blade through the fabric of reality.
Zythos Prime, a distant outpost within the Imperium's reaches, held its own secrets. While chaos festered beneath its seemingly tranquil surface, the Pecatori, devoted servants of the Imperium, adhered to their patrol duties, aware that the planet's leadership was grappling with the enigmatic forces of disorder. However, the celestial winds bore tidings from the cosmos—rumors of a clandestine Fallon lurking in the shadows, pulling the strings of power on Zythos Prime. In an instant, the Pecatori recalibrated their course, abandoning their routine patrol for the critical pursuit of this cosmic aberration.
Back on their homefront, ripples of tension swirled among the Space Wolves, who questioned the Pecatori's deviation from their assigned task. Unyielding in their resolve, the Pecatori paid no heed to the brewing discord. Their loyalty to the Imperium transcended the diplomatic intricacies, for a fallen brother, tainted by the touch of darkness, demanded their immediate attention.
With unwavering determination, the Pecatori set their warp engines ablaze, hurtling towards Zythos Prime. The stakes were high, and the cosmic drama unfolded as the Pecatori pledged to unearth the shadowy manipulator within the planet's leadership, casting aside the tension with the Space Wolves like stardust in the cosmic winds. In their pursuit, the Pecatori swore an oath to find their fallen kin, to extract him from the clutches of chaos, and to erase his existence from the cosmic ledger. The cosmic ballet of loyalty, betrayal, and retribution had begun among the distant stars.


House Casval

Despite suffering heavy losses on Pyrexena II, the rogue traders of House Casval were successful in securing the necessary resources to make their daring escape. By evading opportunist Imperial factions who would rather see their downfall, House Casval was able to stand trial before an impartial Inquistorial tribunal and clear their name. With their status restored, House Casval have returned to their primary order of scouring the stars for technology, information, and resources to serve the Emperor. Using their guile and guts, their sights are once again set on bringing glory to the Imperium by any means necessary.


Rock Arms Dealers


  Rock Arms Dealers are a group of Hearthkyn salvagers who have established themselves as experts in trading and dealing with weapons and armaments. The Rock Arms Dealers have honed their skills and gained considerable experience in the dangerous business of salvaging and acquiring weapons and armaments from various sources. They possess an in-depth knowledge of different types of arms found throughout the galaxy, ranging from conventional firearms to advanced alien technologies. Get 1% discount by reading this advertisement: Looking for the toughest, most reliable firearms on the market? Look no further than Rock Arms Dealers. We bring power and precision to your fingertips, ensuring you're armed with the best tools for any mission. Experience the true might of our extensive selection of rock-solid firearms Quality You Can Trust: At Rock Arms Dealers, we believe in uncompromising quality. Every weapon we offer undergoes rigorous testing and meets the highest industry standards, guaranteeing reliability and accuracy when it matters most. Our firearms are designed to endure the harshest conditions, empowering you to face any challenge head-on. Ad approve by league of Votann Due to their expertise and connections, the Rock Arms Dealers are sought after by various factions, including the Imperium of Man, the Chaos forces, xenos races, and even renegade warbands. They have the ability to source rare and unique weaponry, often procuring items that are difficult to find through conventional means. The Rock Arms Dealers must navigate dangerous territories, evade hostile forces, and protect their valuable inventory from thieves and rival salvage groups. Their success depends on their resourcefulness, cunning, and the loyalty of their members.

The Knights Of Ruiniation

Established shortly after the Horus Heresy, the Knights of Ruination are a Chapter of Space Marines that was caught in a Warp Storm and considered lost. In reality, the Chapter spent 10,000 years in said storm percieving the time spent in the Warp to have only been a mere 10 minutes. When they emerged, they were greeted by an Imperium they did not recognize. Disslllusioned, they became renegades, but not to fight the Imperium or fall to Chaos, but rather to protect isolated human worlds on the fringes of space. A suicidal oath, because the Knights would rather die remembering the ideal they once believed, rather the Imperium as it currently is. 

The Sword Seekers  


Illaethel and Tarvandryoc have known each other since a battle against Chaos centuries ago. At the time Illaethel was an Autarch of Iyanden, and Tarvandryoc a Warlock of Ulthwe, who was still early on his Path of the Seer. The battle was hard fought, only just banishing the daemons back to the warp before destruction of Aeldari Exodite tribes on the Maiden World surface. Tarvandryoc has been studying the movements of Slaanesh in careful detail ever since. Then in the Battle for Iyanden, Illaethel momentarily faced Shalaxi Hellbane, the immensely powerful Keeper of Secrets. He failed to kill the daemon at the time, only barely managing to protect himself and his nearest kindred from a terrible death, but vowed to bring an end to the Keeper of Secrets later in life. Finally, after hearing that the Ynnari failed to recover the fifth cronesword from Belial IV because Shalaxi Hellbane had stolen it, he knew the time had come. He would pursue Shalaxi Hellbane and find the cronesword. Although Illaethel had never believed in the Ynnari faith, he could not deny the impetus that the potential enabling of the Seventh Way gave him. Illaethel contacted Tarvandryoc, who was now much advanced on the Path of the Seer. Tarvandryoc had meanwhile, through his studies, come to suspect that an ancient and secret way to access the Palace of Slaanesh may exist, perhaps allowing for retrieval of the cronesword and a swift attack against Shalaxi Hellbane. His studies had pointed him to Zythos Prime, where he believed some form of artefact or portal may exist, or at the very least, more clues. Illaethel left his Path, which he had been travelling for centuries, and his home Craftworld Iyanden to undertake this calling. Tarvandryoc felt the same, and the two slowly gathered allies sympathetic to the Ynnari cause, and set off for Zythos.

The Hegira

“Who says that I’m dead” hissed a dried voice, “knows naught at all” answered another deeper and darker voice. “Here we pay the price to carry our curse” laughed a mad voice, “is to end this game, of the Demented and Greif”. As mighty Eldari Exarchs once again making moves in the Galaxy, one returned shrouded in darkness and silence . In the dark, lonely far-caster ship of raiders and aspect warriors. Amongst them was the Reaper of Souls Maugan Ra and Fallen Pheonix Drazhar. Tales told their ruthlessness and their death, but none has recorded their brotherhood and resurrection. What schemes had brought them together, and what purpose do they have in the Catacombs of Zythos Prime, and what power made these legendary Phoenix Lords to once again disturb the realspace....





An Alliance formed by the Silvermane Guard, the Big Bossmens and the Children of the Void. This tenuous but symbiotic coalition provides the two xenos groups a semblance of officiality on Zythos Prime while granting the Silvermane Guard access to intel, contacts and locations that they could not normally get.





In the vast cosmic expanse of the Imperium, the Pecatori, patrolling astral currents, were drawn to Zythos Prime by whispers of Chaos. Recalibrating their course, they encountered Eldari Exarchs, Maugan Ra and Fallen Phoenix Drazhar, disrupting realspace with mysterious schemes. Simultaneously, Kommanda Fargus and his ork band sought to fund their education on Zythos Prime, only to face a harsh reality.

The convergence of these tales set the stage for a cosmic ballet of loyalty, betrayal, and retribution. The Pecatori, Eldari Exarchs, and orks found themselves entwined in a narrative among the distant stars, where pursuit of fallen kin, cosmic aberrations, and academic dreams collided on Zythos Prime.



Cerberus Conclave

War isn't always a motivating factor for rallying a force together. When profit and adventure are in abundance, the unlikeliest of allies may choose to unite under a single banner. This is the Cerberus Conclave - a mercenary group dedicated to espionage, smuggling, assassinations, and "private security" for powerful figures who operate in the shadows of the Imperium.




Zythos Prime has proven to be inhospitable to those loyal to the Imperium of Man. Kill Team Raso chased the threat of Chaos to the hive city located on Zythos Prime in 169.M42. Pursuing Chaos at every turn Kill Team Raso eventually caused the warring chaos factions to unify against them and in their Darkest hour they saw a Crashing Golden Thunderhawk near their Mastodon. Upon arriving they joined forces with a weakened Talons of the Emperor kill team who were rising from the wreckage. They began to push their would-be killers back and as the battle came to a close they were approached by a mysterious hooded figure who told them he has been watching their Paths and how Far it has taken them. Removing their hood the Eldar Wayseeker introduced himself as a part of the Sword Seekers Corsairs and wanted to help them complete their goals.




Sector Delta-9: The Pulsating Heart of Zythos Prime's Strife
As the shadows deepen over Zythos Prime, the planet finds itself ensnared in a web of intrigue and desperation. The major players and factions maneuver through the labyrinthine landscape, each driven by their own motives and agendas, converging on a climax that could reshape the fate of the fringes of the Imperium.
· 567.M41 - The Purge of the Whispering Cults: A series of mysterious deaths and bizarre occurrences caught the attention of the Inquisition, leading to a purge of suspected cults. Unbeknownst to the Imperium, this was merely the tip of the iceberg as the true orchestrators remained hidden, deepening their influence.
· 800.M41 - The Hidden Vault Incident: A covert archaeological expedition uncovered an ancient vault housing xenos relics, triggering a violent uprising by a previously dormant alien species. The Imperium suppressed the incident, but the knowledge of such xenos threats remained a closely guarded secret.
· 823.M41 - The Lost Expedition: An Imperial expedition, tasked with exploring the desolate polar regions of Zythos Prime, mysteriously vanished without a trace. The disappearance, initially dismissed as an unfortunate accident, attracted the attention of rogue traders and treasure hunters hoping to uncover the expedition's lost artifacts. The search yielded only cryptic pict-recordings and scattered supplies, deepening the planet's aura of mystery.
· 876.M41 - The Arrival of the Herald: A powerful Chaos sorcerer, the Herald of the Abyss, emerged on Zythos Prime. Under his guidance, the cults intensified their activities, subtly manipulating key figures within the Imperial hierarchy and paving the way for a larger Chaos incursion.
· 899.M41 - The Feral Ork Incursion: A feral Ork tribe, drawn to Zythos Prime by the lure of potential loot and scraps, descended upon a remote outpost. Though their presence posed a localized threat, the Imperium swiftly dispatched a regiment to eradicate the greenskin menace. The incident served as a reminder of the ever-looming xenos dangers on the fringe, but its overall impact on the larger narrative remained minor.
· 938.M41 - The Shattered Veil Uprising: A rebellion erupted among the lower hive population, driven by decades of oppression and fueled by whispers from the Chaos cults. As the uprising gained momentum, Imperial forces struggled to contain the unrest. Unbeknownst to the Imperium, the Chaos cults subtly guided the rebels, turning the riots into a chaotic dance that served their sinister purposes.
· 946.M41 - The Ecclesiarch's Edict: A charismatic Ecclesiarch, moved by the plight of the downtrodden underclass, issued a fervent edict preaching unity and resistance against the unseen darkness. While the Ecclesiarchy sought to bolster the morale of the Imperial citizens, the edict inadvertently fueled further dissent among the population, giving rise to underground movements that questioned the authority of the Lord Commander and Imperial rule.
· 989.M41 - The Celestial Convergence: Zythos Prime experienced a rare celestial alignment, unleashing psychic disturbances across the planet. These disturbances awakened dormant Warp entities, creating pockets of reality-warping anomalies. The Imperium initiated a planet-wide lockdown to conceal the psychic upheaval, inadvertently playing into the hands of the Chaos cults, who exploited the chaos to further their hidden agenda.
· 996.M41 - The Unearthed Relic: A local scavenger stumbled upon an ancient relic of unknown origin while scavenging the desolate wastelands. Though seemingly insignificant, the relic emitted faint psychic energies that attracted the attention of local wildlife, leading to a series of minor disturbances. The Imperium dispatched a small team to investigate, but the relic's true significance remained elusive.
· 999.M41 - The Smuggler's Sanctuary: A network of smugglers established a hidden haven deep within the planet's labyrinthine caverns, catering to mercenaries and operatives from various factions. The underground market thrived, providing a discreet venue for information exchange and illicit trade. While the Imperium sought to dismantle this hub, its impact on the larger conflict was limited to the shadows.
· 023.M42 - The Cursed Cenotaph: An ancient burial site, known as the Cursed Cenotaph, was accidentally disturbed during an excavation. The unleashed psychic energy not only reanimated long-dead corpses but also drew the attention of a splinter fleet of Tyranids. The Imperium faced a dual threat—rebellious undead legions and a Tyranid infestation, both manipulated by the unseen hand of Chaos.
· 023.M42 - The Ghostly Apparitions: Reports surfaced of ghostly apparitions haunting the abandoned manufactorums in the outskirts of a hive city. The local population, superstitious and fearful, believed it to be a curse brought about by ancient xenos artifacts. In reality, the disturbances were caused by residual psychic echoes from past conflicts, creating an atmosphere of unease but offering no tangible advantage to any faction.
· 024.M42 - The Arrival of the Star Wardens: Responding to distress signals from Zythos Prime, the Star Wardens, a stoic and revered Space Marine Chapter known for their expertise in combating Warp entities, arrived in the system. Their arrival was a beacon of hope for the Imperium, as they brought with them formidable warriors and knowledge of dealing with the insidious influences of the Warp.
· 105.M42 - The Veiled Betrayal: A high-ranking Imperial official, believed to be staunchly loyal, was revealed to be a covert agent of Chaos. Operating from within the heart of the Imperial command, this turncoat orchestrated the sabotage of vital defenses, opening a vulnerability that allowed a Chaos warband to infiltrate key strategic locations. The Imperium was caught off guard, and the Chaos forces established hidden strongholds across the planet.
· 087.M42 - The Warp Surge: An unexpected surge in Warp activity temporarily disrupted communication arrays across Zythos Prime. This isolated blackout led to a series of misunderstandings among the factions, creating an atmosphere of suspicion and paranoia. While the blackout was short-lived, it sowed seeds of mistrust, prompting factions to reassess their alliances and strategies in the ever-shifting landscws of the Fringe.
· 132.M42 - The Star Warden's Secret Pact: Unbeknownst to the Imperium and the other factions, the Star Wardens made a secret pact with an enigmatic Inquisitor known as Seraphina Draven. Draven, disillusioned with the rigid doctrines of the Imperium, sought to use the power of the Abyssal Sigil to unlock forbidden knowledge and harness it against the forces of Chaos. The Star Wardens, desperate to contain the Warp disturbances on Zythos Prime, reluctantly agreed to aid Draven in exchange for her forbidden expertise.
· 142.M42 - The Dark Awakening: The Abyssal Sigil, fueled by the conflicts and suffering on Zythos Prime, began to resonate with the malevolent entities within the Warp. Unnatural phenomena swept across the planet as Chaos Space Marines emerged from hidden sanctuaries. The Shadows of the Fringe deepened, and the Kill Teams now navigate a treacherous landscape where the line between reality and the Warp grows increasingly blurred.
· 163.M42 - The Lord Commander's Gambit: In a daring move to consolidate power and secure control over the planet, Lord Commander Viktor Tarsis orchestrated a bold campaign against suspected Chaos sympathizers within his own ranks. Exploiting information gathered by Imperial agents, Tarsis purged key officers and officials, publicly accusing them of heresy. While the move strengthened the appearance of Imperial unity, it also created a power vacuum within the planetary leadership, leaving the Imperium vulnerable to external threats. Tarsis' gambit set the stage for a struggle for dominance among the remaining loyalists, fostering internal discord just as external forces closed in.
· 202.M42 - The Rise of the Archon: Amidst the chaos on Zythos Prime, a charismatic and cunning Archon of the Drukhari, known as Lelithrae the Shadowblade, seized the opportunity to infiltrate the planet's clandestine power structures. Manipulating the shadows and exploiting the fractures within the Imperium, Lelithrae established a hidden network of spies and collaborators. Operating from the shadows, the Archon aimed to use the planet's instability to further her own dark agenda. As the Archon's influence spread, the delicate balance of power shifted, introducing an enigmatic player into the already complex dance of factions on Zythos Prime.
· 203.M42- Various factions find themselves drawn inexorably to the moon's surface due to the unpredictable gravity well. As their drop pods hurtle through the atmosphere, they witness the twisted landscapes and eldritch horrors that characterize Zythos Prime.
· 203.M42- Upon landing, Kill Teams discover that they are not alone. They encounter other Kill Teams that appear "normal" in this surreal and nightmarish landscape. Faced with the common threat of the moon's horrors, they form uneasy alliances to increase their chances of survival.
· 204.M42- Other factions, having formed alliances at different landing points, see the amalgamated Kill Teams as abominations. The newcomers are attacked on sight, leading to fierce battles in the desolate wastelands and ruined cities
· 207.M42- Exploring the Nexus Sewers beneath the Imperial Citadel, the Kill Teams stumble upon cryptic messages and ancient inscriptions hinting at the origin of the moon's curse. The sewers become a nexus of information, and a place where hidden alliances can be forged or betrayed.
· 208.M42-It was a hard crash landing for the Eldari voidship Abyssal Gale. The warp storm around Zythos Prime had blown away all our cover to attempt to infiltrate the sector in pursuit of the Artifact. Under torture, one of the captured locals revealed a group of Hearthkyn salvaging team had descended hastily into the Nexus sewer with heavy equipment. “No..we are not going down into some stinking sewers” Ra turned his back with a malicious scowl. “Fine, whatever we pilfered will not be touched by you” Keartanis was livid. As they pushed past one another Ra lowered his lip and whispered, “This is not a fight for your firey dike” eying the beautiful Drukari witch Anatola. Keartanis replied coldly, “i’m the captain, i decide who fights...”
· 208.M42- A handful of Children of the Void Genestealer Cultists manage to escape from the planet Vakovin II, shortly before its Tyranid invasion. The last orders from their Magus Leni Valek is to survive, then regroup on Zythos Prime, a planet in the outskirts of the Imperium-controlled region.
· 209- M42- Magus Leni Valek and the remainder of her blood-pack land on Zythos Prime after a long journey as stowaways on various Imperium vessels. They settle in an abandoned factory in a contaminated area of the Gateway plazas and begin their search for other surviving brethren from Vakovin II.
· 210.M42- Seeking respite and information, the Kill Teams venture into Ruin's End Shanty Town. Here, they encounter a diverse mix of survivors, each with their own motives. The shanty town becomes a hub for diplomacy, espionage, and shadowy dealings as factions vie for influence.
· 210.M42- An attempt to reach the Gateway Plazas and escape the moon results in an ambush by rival factions. The Kill Teams must fight not only against eldritch horrors but also against the distrust and aggression of those who view them as monstrous aberrations.
· 210.M42- In the hidden Veiled Atrium, the Kill Teams encounter a mysterious figure who reveals fragments of the greater daemon's or corrupted Old One's plan. The figure offers a choice—unite to face the impending cataclysm, or succumb to the chaos that threatens to consume Zythos Prime.
· 210.M42: The Children of the Void ally with the Silvermane Guard and the Big Bossmens, and form the A.G.K. coalition.
· 211.M42: A.K.G.'s intensive training ended with a live exercise between the Silvermane Guard and the Children of the Void, in a ruined area of the Gateway plazas. At the end of it, both teams celebrated the end of the training, and now feel familiar with each other’s battle tactics and ready to start their combined operations on Zythos Prime.
· 211.M42: During a reconnaissance mission, the Pecatori detected peculiar activity, stumbling upon a village strewn with the aftermath of slaughter. Their sharp-eyed scrutiny revealed telltale signs pointing to the involvement of space marines, fueling their suspicion that these might be the elusive fallen they sought. According to the lone survivor, the perpetrators were an unidentified, nameless space marine unit. Determined, the Pecatori pursued the trail to their encampment, anticipating an epic confrontation, only to find it deserted, with scant evidence except for indications of a recently departed orbiting ship.
211.M42 - While on route to their crashed landing vessel The Talons of The Emperor came across what they feared was a genestealer cell. Upon closer investigation their fears were realised as they stealthily approached using the Sisters of Silences Null area to help Conceal their approach. The Talons executed a surprise attack and managed to push the genestealer cult into a full retreat. Using the newly acquired communications hub the Talons began collecting information on their crashed thunderhawk.
· 211.M42- Moral was already low as we descended into the sewers. The pungent smell had made our sharp Eldari senses painful. The Hearthkyn team we trailed had barely made their presence a secret with their heavy treads and excessively cumbersome machinery. “Keartanis, look like they are just here to REPAIR the stinky latrines, we have all along been following a bunch of plumbers!” "Enough!”, Keartanis replied, “we are not going to leave here empty handed, let’s shank them and take their tools (jobs)!” Our ambush tactics made good sport of our foes and our gunfire blew apart the scaffoldings of our enemies, one by one they fell into sewage. We can feel their stacked anger as they unloaded their heavy weapons without indiscriminate. Poor Anatola, she never anticipated a Hearthkyn would ignite his jetpack in a corridor less than windpipe’s width. The propelled figure sparked and crashed into her in a thunderous collision, a side wall caved, and a plasma axe buried deep into her mingled body. Keartanis howled, Lanken dropped his long rifle and grabbed him, “we are done here, we got our hands on their precious armor and tools, let’s go!”
293.M42 - Alerting Reclamation Squad Raso's perimeter alarm system, they encountered and engaged a squad of The Pecatori Primaris Space Marines who refused to reveal their reasons for trespassing.
385.M42 - The Pecatori's sensors lit up with a signal that sent a chill down their spines—a signal reminiscent of the one they had received when the orbital ship, deported and missed, had slipped away. Their most elite squad was summoned, and they wasted no time in setting course towards the source.

Their journey took them to Bheta Decima, where they found themselves face to face with a group of formidable space marines (The Knights of Ruination). The Pecatori, hardened by years of conflict, prepared for a decisive confrontation.

The battle was fierce, each side pushing the other to their limits. Just as the Pecatori were on the verge of claiming victory, a shocking realization dawned upon them—the enigmatic squad they faced was not their enemy, but in fact, allied with the Emperor.

With this revelation, the Pecatori halted their assault, allowing the space marines to depart unharmed. It was a narrow escape, one that left both sides wary and reevaluating their strategies for the battles yet to come.
· 385.M42 - The Children of the Void’s numbers are dwindling and they are slowly running out of resources: it is now more important than ever for them to locate other survivors of the former cult. Leni Valek ventures in the wasteland to investigate a mysterious signal. The search takes her blood pack to a beacon of a crashed ship, where they discover an ancient Eldar artifact, among the debris. Its purpose is unknown, but it radiates with power.
385.M42 - Secuing the imediate area around their crashed Thunderhawk was an exhausting excersize of both martial skill. No matter how small Zythos Prime was still a thriving Hive city and home to billions of Imperial citizens. Each block secured was not only a test of patience but of martial disapine some foes in the city seemd to have advanced weapondry and look as if they came from a world with much higher gravity. These foes were very well equipped for their engagement with the Talons of The Emperor but were held back at the edges of the defence line and were forced to retreat back into the wastes.
· 425.M42 - The Children of the Void heads back towards Delta 9 with the intention of trading the Eldar artifact for resources and information. As they reach Ruin's End Shanty Town, they get attacked by a mysterious group of Drukhari trying to get the artifact, known as the Hegira. Leni Valek cannot afford losing more men, even more so to the hands of a group of elite aeldari fighters. She orders her squad to escape - losing their pursuers using the narrow alleys of Ruin’s End to her advantage.
425.M42 One of the locals we tortured had revealed the best funeral provider in town would be services from a strange cult called “Children of the Void”. Keartanis had secretly ordered us to go to Ruin’s End Shanty town to seek out a cult-agent for “business” and to arrange an “adequate” committal for Anatola. Our safe word was “Boosting the Artifact with a beautiful Soul”. It wasn’t overly difficult making the initial contact actually, the Cult clearly had the town under their grip. Strangely, as we exchanged information with the big guy with 4 pistols on his belt on “how to preserve and entomb a body of a comrade” things became highly dynamic with the Cult agent. His eye lit up as he touted “ he knows many many ways to do with a tenderized body” “such prize is an Eldar body”."a Trophy"...he mummed under his breath...then he drew and shot Talion in the face...
455.M42 - The Hegira is relentless with their hunt of the aeldari artifact, and no place seems safe for the Children of the Void. Leni Valek decides to confront the problem and contact the Hegira’s leader - Keartanis, hoping some kind of deal can be struck. In the meantime, she takes her blood pack deep under the gateway plazas, to lay low.
She and her men come across strange disturbing idols and altars - Obvious traces of a cult, but to what kind of deity?
455.M42 “ Brother!!”there was an uncontrollable fury in the hallowed voice...then it is followed by a ghastly scream from a tortured mortal. This must have been the twentieth slave incinerated by Fimino for the day. “And all they did was took his body? Keartanis! How can you let this happen?!” “You scums ALLOWED them to take Anatola’s body as well!” bellowed Keartanis. “It’s personal now Keartanis, don’t try to stop me, I will swear to have my revenge!” ...

Oh I got to see this, Ra was the only pirate not invited into that room, but he knows everything

“You worm, come down here!” screamed Femino the Duelist.“ Nimble elf come up here if you want me...” laughed the large gunslinger Cultist on a higher vantage, his cape blew like a crazed bat in the toxic vapor. “Very well...just because another Eldar body would do so great for my collection” the giant agent jumped down. Femino fired his fusion pistol without a moment to pause, the intense heat generated must have reacted with the polluted vapors, canisters of chemicals blew up, both duelists were both blown back as they locked eyes for a final time “this is not over!” .... that’s when our crew realized ..this was just the beginning...
467.M42 - In the intense clash for control of the Ferratonic Furnace on Zythos prime, the Silvermane Guard faced off against the relentless Reclamation Squad Raso. Despite their valor, the Silvermane Guard found themselves overwhelmed as the skirmish ensued. In a fierce exchange of blows and strategic maneuvers, the Silvermane Guard were ultimately incapacitated, their resilience tested against the relentless assault of the Reclamation Squad. However, through sheer determination and tactical brilliance, the Reclamation Squad managed to secure control of the Ferratonic Furnace, prevailing in the intense confrontation, albeit at a significant cost. The aftermath of the battle bore witness to the resilience and tenacity of both factions amidst the unforgiving chaos of Zythos primes's industrial battlegrounds.

467.M42 - Illaethel commanded the flight crew of The Transient to land amidst some old ruins, where Tarvandryoc subsequently manifested his spirit energy to enshroud the ship. The Sword Seekers identified signs of Ork destruction, but destruction beyond their usual, which to Tarvandryoc's keen senses were telltales of manipulation by She Who Thirsts. After a tense battle with some of Orks, the Sword Seekers retreated in a stalemate, but managed to make off with a suspicious item. Elarin sensed in the item a traceof a spirit from nearby ruins, and directed The Sword Seekers there. An intense storm suddenly overtook them, preventing movement, right at the moment that a hostile Rogue Trader and her ship's crew appeared. A fierce albeit short battle ensued, with the Rogue Trader's ship firing multiple salvos. In a brief moment that the storm's energy waned, Taldash made a break for another suspicious item, managing to recover it. Despite having the advantage, the storm was too strong to finish the fight, and Illaethel ordered another retreat. The battle was won, but none felt satisfied.
467.M42 - In the desolate outskirts of Zythos Prime, amidst the crumbling ruins of an orc town, the Silvermane Guard clashed with the honor-bound Knights of Ruination in a battle that would echo through the annals of history. In a display of unwavering courage and unyielding determination, the Silvermane Guard faced the relentless onslaught of their adversaries. Led by the stalwart Sergeant Enforcer Reynolds, they fought with valor and resilience, their every strike a testament to their commitment to duty and honor. Despite the ferocity of the Knights of Ruination, the Silvermane Guard stood firm, their resolve unbroken. In the end, victory was won, but at a great cost. Sergeant Enforcer Reynolds, a beacon of leadership and bravery, fell in the heat of battle, his sacrifice eternally honored within the hallowed halls of the Lunar Citadel. Though mourning the loss of a comrade, the Silvermane Guard emerged triumphant, their triumph a testament to their indomitable spirit and unwavering dedication to safeguarding the realms they swore to protect.
467. M42 - Upon expanding their territory Reclamation Squad Raso encountered the Phobos Marines of The Knights of Ruination. Despite their shared experience of both being from the time of the Great Crusade a skirmish started, and after being driven back they vanished as quickly as they appeared.
467.M42 - With the Talons of the Emperor securing the final blocks located in the cities underbelly . They are finally able to focus on more pressing matter of locating intel on The Empror of Mankind's visit to Zythos Prime. Reality itseld almost feels to be paying games with them as their last opponents seemed to be very hesitent to actually engage The Talons. It wa almost as if they either did not want to fight them or that maybe they even reciginized an old ally and did not acually want to harm them.
Leni Valek finally found the whereabouts of other survivors from Vakovin II: the ship they used to reach Zythos prime was shot and crashed somewhere on the borders of the Wasteland. She learned from one of the few survivors that those who didn’t die in the crash were taken to a secret facility for dissection and experimenting, including one of the elite members of her blood pack: the hybrid assassin Celeste. Running out of time and ideas, and knowing that the Silvermane Guard knows the location of the facility, she decides she will try and have a tracking device implanted on one of them. If all goes well, they will be none the wiser and this way they won’t have to break any oath to reveal the location of the facility.
549.M42 - With the tragic death of their Enforcer Sergeant Reynolds, the Silvermane Guard return with fervour. Arbiter Supreme Winters now steeled his resolve, knowing what must be done. The criminal scum of Zythos Prime will quake in fear, and those who get in the way will feel the cold justice of the Arbiters whether they are citizens of the imperium or not. With their new acquisition of armaments, a new era is coming for all.
549.M42 The Children of the Void closely tail Arbiter Supreme Winters’s squad, which leads them into the Ariminum quarter, an industrial district of Sector Delta Nine. The Silvermane guard seems on edge, overseeing the delivery of high-end weapon crates bearing the logo of the Departmento Munitorum.

Leni Valek decides to send her bloodpack after the cargo under the guise of gangers to create a distraction. The Silvermane Guard quickly repels the assault and secures the cargo, but the Children of the Void manage to use the confusion of the battle to implant lone Lieutenant Sentinel Anderson with a tracking device. It should only a be matter of time before they can get information about the location of the prison facility that they are looking for.
549.M42 - The Talons secured the final locations of the Hive city, the last of the resistance in the hive city came from the oddest of sources. A group of Orcs claiming squatter rights in an abandoned water refinement plant. The entire battle the Orks screamed about "excessive force" and about how they "knew da laws" but ultimately their protests died down as bolt rounds found their targets.
550.M42 - The Talons of the Emperor have fully secured the original hive city's core. Now with their base fully established the Talon are using the help of their allies to help discover the secret behind the emperor's visit 10,000 years ago.
550.M42 – We have the cultist cornered, or…just they had us ambushed…either way, it is time to kick down their Funeral Parlor door and bring an end to their sinister body-trafficking business. Whatever is left of them we will take them be tortured, but most important of all is that we need to retrieve the bodies of our dead comrades. Their boss was an imposing man wielding a 3-feet long power blade, his chief bouncer also had a big sword three times the size of his. But when it comes to blade size, I still think we had the advantage.
550.M42 - "Id'z da kops!" Exclaimed Komanda Fargus as he and his band came face-to-face with the Silvermane Guard. What had started as an attempt to make off with some easy scrap now turned into a different kind of scrap. Bullets came raining down upon the Silvermane Guards, an impressive opening round left Winters and Shaw incapacitated. With the strict training the Guard had gone through recently, they fought back the green skins to a standstill and after inflicting several wounds back stood victorious.
550.M42 - Through bloody and brutal combat worthy of the Sons of Sanuinius a grand perimiter was established around the Sanguine Steed, allowing the Veterans a moment to further pursue their goal of wiping Chaos from the planet, and discovering a clue to the Black Rage and Red Thirst
550.M42 - An age-old conflict brewed between the Pecatori and the Starstriders, both stalwart factions of the empire but with divergent ideologies. The Pecatori, disciplined and resolute, stood poised for battle, while the Starstriders, known for their free-spirited nature, were delayed, plagued by mysterious digestive maladies from the previous night's meal.

During the unexpected lull, the Pecatori engaged in a meditative game of ancient cards, seeking mental clarity before the impending clash. When the Starstriders finally arrived, their earlier discomfort seemed a distant memory, as they unleashed a torrent of ferocity and skill on the battlefield.

The confrontation seesawed between the two factions, neither side gaining a decisive advantage until dusk settled upon the battlefield. In a stunning turn, the Pecatori emerged as the dominant force, their valor and strategy prevailing.

Witnessing the honor and valor displayed by their foes, the Pecatori recognized a shared purpose in their struggle and extended the hand of friendship. Together, they embarked on a revelrous celebration, inadvertently disrupting the alcohol supply to Zythos Prime for centuries to come.

With newfound respect, the Starstriders departed, leaving the planet's fate in the capable hands of their newfound allies. Their departure marked the beginning of legendary adventures, inspiring countless tales that captivated the imaginations of generations to come.

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