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The dry brush "Fine" has a smaller brush tip than the regular version and is easy to use for cheeks and shadows on figures.
The tip of the "dry brush" is shaped like a round face brush and has a soft tip.
Since the hair is soft, it is easy to use a dry brush with a soft expression such as soot stains, fading expression, and when applying bright colors.
It has a smaller width than "thin" and is suitable for painting in a narrower range.
-A brush with a concentrated commitment to brush painting of models!

Unlike ordinary chemical fiber brushes, the hair is not dry, it is hard to tear, and you can always maintain the feeling of using it like a grated brush.
The hair is pure Japanese artificial hair (PBT) that also considers the strength of the body.

Animal hair brushes tend to be damaged and torn or dry when soaked in a solvent, but Shinfu is a solvent-resistant PBT hair that is less likely to be damaged.
The bond that holds the brush tip is also resistant to solvents, so you can keep a good brush tip for a long time.
The brush tip is supple compared to general chemical fiber brushes because it is adjusted so that it is easy to paint with a model brush.
We have prepared the shape of the brush tip so that it can be used properly according to the painting scene.
If the brush tip is short, the amount of water supplied to the paint will be small, causing the paint to dry quickly.

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