Marvel: Crisis Protocol: Black Order Affiliation Pack

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Let their enemies crumble in woe and their admirers tremble in awe; the Black Order rises anew! These are Thanos’ hand-picked generals, each a master of their craft and unflinchingly loyal to their shared goal of universal conquest.

Recruit your own Black Order for your games of Marvel: Crisis Protocol with the Black Order Affiliation Pack. In this pack you will find four highly-detailed miniatures all too eager to cut down any who oppose them

  • 1 Black Dwarf Miniature

  • 1 Corvus Glaive Miniature

  • 1 Ebony Maw Miniature

  • 1 Proxima Midnight Miniature

  • 4 Bases 

  • 4 Character Stat Cards

  • 7 Team Tactic Cards

  • 4 Infinity Gem Cards

  • 1 Affiliation Card

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