2022 Leagues

2022 Leagues

Hello Wanderers,

Next year, we will be hosting 3 different escalation leagues at Wandering Adventures. Age of Sigmar, 40K, and Malifaux. Over 8 months, and starting in February, we will split that time into quarters, and slowly raise the points and size of forces.

This league will have a small entry, and plenty of prizing. It's a great time to start a new army for beginners, and learn as the game grows, or for an experienced player to dust off a little used army or even start a new one.

I'm excited to host these to learn these games myself a little more, and get a community slowly growing. So far, Age of Sigmar has roughly 5 players, and 40k has 4. Malifaux is struggling a bit with only 2 but I'm hoping a few more people will be willing to try them out. 

While there is a small entry fee ($10) prizing will include  a trophy, store credit, and final day prizing. If you are interested in joining, join our Facebook groups or send me an email!

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