One Week Left For Escalation League

One Week Left For Escalation League

Welcome Wanderer!

Oh man what a year it has been! We just celebrated our one year anniversary at the store, and I couldn't be happier. I really love and appreciate the community we are building here at the store, and I hope everyone else feels the same. Not only did we celebrate our one year, but we have one week left in what has been two crazy escalation leagues!

We ran both 40K and AoS leagues, and to give a snapshot of how they worked here goes: We divided 8 months into quarters, starting at 500 points and working out way to 2000. You got points for playing 1-3 games, painting new models every quarter, and of course, winning.

I ran Sylvaneth and Space Wolves, with very different results. I struggled in the 40K league, and did pretty well in AoS. 

I feel like my Space Wolves army took me too long to adjust to. I am having some amazing results at 2000 points, and I think I can go toe-to-toe with anyone right now. They rely on speed and some backup shooting, with some cheap units to hold objectives. I have a nice blend of that with Wolf Guard and Thunderwolf Cav, with Redemptors to support. Its a bit glass-cannony, but I'm happy using them. I think my favorite units are the Thunderwolf Cav, support by the Wolf Lord. Its a blend of speed, attacks, and Storm Shield defense that I feel can run with anyone. My least favorite have probably been the Blood Claws, which for some reason I thought would do a little more. But I figured out (too late) that Intercessors are probably the way to go in that department.

With the Sylvaneth, I started out with a couple losses, but from about 1000 points forward, I have been unbeatable. Particularly when we got our Battletome update. The crazy movement shenanigans, healing capabilities, plus the Warsong Revenant and Spellsinger trait, have made them a fearsome opponent. I've loved the Treelord Ancient with Greenwood Gladius. It's a nice blend of magic and combat that not many have been able to deal with. 

Some stats from our leagues:

AoS: 12 players
40K: 20 players

AoS Armies (win %) as of round 3
Order: 6 (50%)
Death: 2 (54%)
Destruction: 1  (44%)
Chaos: 3  (55%)

40K Armies  (win %) as of round 3
Imperium: 9   (49%)
Chaos: 4 (54%)
Xenos: 7 (56%)


Here are a bunch of pics from moments along the way in the league




That's all folks! Thanks for the fun, and looking forward to more next year.